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Rihanna Gets Naked on Balcony While Chris Lasers Off Karrueche Tattoo

Chris Brown got his “Karrueche” tattoo lasered off just for Rihanna who was caught butt naked on her balcony in Barbados over the holidays.

The Chris Brown love triangle continues and we’re surprised that neither Rihanna or Karrueche are dizzy from being in constant rotation.

Just as the world saw Chris and Karrueche rekindle their relationship once again as they jetted off to Dubai for Brown’s “Carpe Diem” tour, the relationship fell apart once again as Breezy went back to RiRi.

This time Brown had to do something drastic to have his now leading lady take him back. He obviously wasn’t ready to remove Karrueche Tran from his life, so he just removed her from his body instead.

Apparently Mr. Brown had a tattoo of his on-off lover’s name, but had it lasered off as a love offering to the “Diamonds” songstress.

News of the tattoo removal surfaced after the R&B stars were caught courtside at a L.A Lakers game over the holidays.

Rihanna, being an avid Instagram lover, posted a picture of her and Breezy together leaning against a luxury car with the caption “Thuglife” – which seems to be one of her favorite hashtags to use.

Of course, getting rid of her name didn’t mean he was getting rid of his dedicated sideline girl. While he was still with RiRi, a source claims he reached out to Tran to with her a Merry Christmas.

“Even though he was with Rihanna, he still called Kae and told her Merry Christmas and told her how he misses her and how he hopes she was having a good day and all that sh*t,” the source revealed.

Apparently the phone call was enough to convince the aspiring model that Brown was still hers because she promptly tweeted a photo of herself in lingerie for the “Don’t Judge Me” singer along with the caption “Merry Christmas baby.”

Ohhhh Karrueche… when will you learn?

Despite all the media coverage of every playerish move that the tatted up R&B bad boy makes, both girls are still pursuing the relationship and the claws are out.

In Rihanna’s case, however, claws aren’t the only things that are out in full view.

While vacationing in Barbados for the holidays, the good girl gone bad got undressed in front of an open door that led out into her balcony. The songstress was well aware of the media presence as she is seen looking right into the camera in several photos, so we’re led to believe that she simply didn’t care.

A quick scroll through her Instagram would reveal that she obviously has no problem sharing her body with the world anyway.

It all started with a simple turquoise bathing suit, but as the days progressed the starlet’s bikinis got smaller and smaller and suddenly…. They just disappeared all together.

After her Twitter photoshoot a few weeks ago, however, we know that showing some T&A isn’t new for Brown’s lover and perhaps the nude pics were enough to convince the singer turned rapper to zap Kae’s name right off of him.

The Bajan beauty’s latest Twitter pic has her fully clothed, but seems to be sending out mixed messages.

The photo shows the “Fresh Off The Runway” singer staring intensely at the camera as she posted the caption, “Full moon out tonight.”

Many tabloids report the photo as being a sexy call out to the infamous lover boy Chris, but if you ask us the pic is far from sexy.

Rather than her usual bedroom eyes – which is something we know Rihanna has perfected – this glare is much more intense and almost angry. From the look of it she may have really gone crazy for Chris.

As for the caption, we’re not sure if the 24-year-old is trying to convince us that she’s a werewolf and that Karrueche should go into hiding for a while. Either way it’s a mysterious photo that definitely has her fans talking.

Meanwhile, anyone who is still rooting for Chris to end up with Kae… we would like to point out that he only got Karrueche’s tattoo removed. His matching star tat that he got with RiRi is still permanently etched behind his ear.

Perhaps this isn’t a question of who he loves more, but rather who he fears more and after that “full moon” pic we’re pretty sure the answer is Rihanna.



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