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Rihanna, Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran – Why No One Wins

Rihanna, Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran won’t even let the Christmas holiday stop their trashy back-and-forth love triangle. On Christmas Day, Karrueche clearly thought she had one up on Rihanna as she posted an Instagram picture of herself in a t-shirt with Chris Brown’s face on it ( not to be confused with a t-shirt belonging to Chris Brown)…and nothing else.


Tran might have been feeling victorious in that moment; that is until she tuned into the Christmas Day L.A. Laker game and saw her ‘ex’ sitting court-side with Rihanna. She must have felt pretty embarrassed over that ‘statement’ picture because once the game aired, suddenly the picture was deleted.

Hmmm. Don’t these women have more important things to do on Christmas than to try to outdo each other for Brown affections?

While there are certainly “team Karrueche” and “team Rihanna” fans in this matter, there should be a “team help-the-dysfunctional” group whose job it is to step in and assist both women in realizing that Brown isn’t playing them; they are playing themselves.

Earlier in the month, the 23-year-old ‘Carpe Diem’ tour star was seen spending time with Rihanna while traveling for his European tour. She, too, posted pictures via Instagram of herself and Brown in various states of coupledom. Meanwhile, Karrueche was more than likely incensed by her part-time lover choosing to spend time with his ex…so she hopped a flight to play sloppy seconds to Brown after Rihanna departs for her ‘X-Factor’ performance?

How pathetic!

For her part, Rihanna penned a suggestive open letter to her fans after word spread of Karrueche joining Brown on the last leg of his tour. Again; as one girl goes, another one comes in. Supposedly, Tran was traveling abroad to jump-start press over the launch of her clothing line “The Kill” (which seems to have no clothes except for the ones worn by Brown). Due to unspecified ‘delays’ the launch was pushed back. Rihanna’s letter to her Navy fans, along with her tweets “Examine what you tolerate’, Goodbye muthaf***er’, ‘You give, you get, then you give it the f**k back’ and ‘Claps for the basic b**ches,” sure made it seem like the ‘Diamonds’ singer was taking herself out of the game.

Then Christmas happened.

Sure, the Lakers court-side pair can be ‘just friends’ or working on their friendship as Brown claims. However, it’s clear that both of his exes are starved for his attention and are willing to stoop low to alert each other when they think they have the upper hand. But, neither of them is a winner in this. For all intents and purposes, Brown’s career is in the dumps. Sure, he has been featured in some of the year’s most popular songs, including DJ Khaled’s ‘Take it to the Head,’ but between his outrageous Twitter fights and his public juggling of two women (and not to mention that fight with Rihanna heard around the world), his image is shot.

Karrueche is not famous (and some would argue she’s not talented either)…at all. Regardless of the press she’s receiving now, once her sometimes lover drops her for good, she will be as away from consistent media coverage as Brown’s affections are from her. Her fifteen minutes will be up, leaving her to figure out what her next moves are apart from her ex.

And then there’s Rihanna. People love her. People love to hate her. Of all the people in this triangle who can come out on top, career-wise and personally, it’s her. She continues to make hit music, tour and live her life in the public eye. Her publicist can sum up her choices now as the result of youthful ignorance and it’s highly likely the public will be fine with that and her career will rage on.

For now, both women need to realize that if their ex wanted either of them seriously, he would commit in a serious way. Maybe neither is looking for a serious, monogamous relationship but they damn sure seem to be upset with the other’s involvement in Brown’s life. So they air out their dirty laundry via Twitter and Instagram for all to see.

But, in the game of the love triangle of Brown, Rihanna and Karrueche Tran; everyone is losing.

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