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Osi Umenyiora and Giants to Potentially Split Ways

The New York Giants and their defensive end Osi Umenyiora could potentially be splitting ways after Sunday’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Umenyiora said Monday during a conference call with reporters that there is a “high probability” that Sunday will be his final game in a Giants uniform.

“If it does turn up to be my last game it’s been a wonderful, wonderful ride and I’ll walk around New York with my head held high,” Umenyiora said.

Umenyiora is currently in his 10th season with the Giants, who drafted him in 2003, with a total of 260 tackles and 75 sacks for his career. He signed an extension last offseason, which gave him a raise and allowed him to become a free agent in 2013.

The two-time Pro Bowl selection did not entirely rule out the possibility of him returning to the Giants next season, but foresees immediate changes to the team’s roster on defense once the season is done.

“If they’re going to be making changes, it has to be wholesale changes,” Umenyiora said. “Nobody played above average this year.”

The Giants defense has allowed a total of 5,817 yards this season, which ranks as the third worse defense in the league. Their opponents net an average of 387.8 yards per game.

The 31-year-old Umenyiora has not had the best season of his career this year either. He only has six sacks and two forced fumbles this year, but knows that he is a viable starter in the league at his age.

“Next year if I go someplace else and I put up 15 sacks, you’re going to be like ‘Whoa, what happened?’” Umenyiora said. “There’s no football person who will watch tape and not think I’m a starter in this league.”

Umenyiora will look to increase his sack count as Michael Vick returns to the Eagles lineup as quarterback. Umenyiora and the Giants are on the outside looking in heading into Sunday’s game for a playoff berth.

The Giants need to defeat the Eagles, and would still need the Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears to lose along with a Dallas Cowboys’ loss or tie.

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