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Google Gives Free Wi-Fi to Douglasville Parks, Downtown

The name Google will be featured prominently in Douglasville outdoor venues due to action taken Thursday at a special meeting of the Douglasville City Council.

The council voted unanimously to authorize Mayor Harvey Persons to sign a Wi-Fi Network Grant Agreement and a Promotion Agreement with Google, Inc. for installation and operation of an outdoor wireless Internet network to cover the downtown plaza areas, Jessie Davis Park and Hunter Park.

“It is an exciting time with the city of Douglasville,” said Persons. “The people from Google have graciously agreed to work with the city at this point in time to help us do this. Not only help us do it, but to provide the financing or the monies to be able to do that.”

He added, “What we’re able to do here will allow us to do many things. It allows us to promote the city with all the benefits that we have with being able to have Wi-Fi. It is a tremendous asset.”

Source:  Marietta Daily Journal

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