Holidays Present a Good Chance to Examine, Change Family Relationships

Every year at this time, many of my clients struggle with their family relationships – their controlling dads, their avoiding moms (or vice versa), their bullying sisters and disappointing brothers (again sometimes vice versa), and then there are crazy aunts and drunk uncles. At this time of the year, people often realize how much their families have affected their lives, and how that needs to change.

One of my female dating coaching clients has been afraid to date because she knew she would eventually have to expose her guy to her crazy mom. She thought that this would be a bad reflection on her, not realizing that most of us have a family member that embarrasses us. This Christmas she has a new guy in her life and they’re finally meeting each other’s parents. She’s no longer worried now that she’s finally gotten the issues with her mom under control.

A male client of mine hopes to confront his dad on his controlling ways this Christmas because he now realizes why he finds it so difficult to get close to the women he dates – it’s been easier to keep a distance than worry about being controlled by them.

Another female client was complaining to me about her dad’s call saying he might not come to visit her at Christmas after all. She said he withdraws and feels sorry for himself when he’s upset and never even tells her what he’s upset about. As she told me that, she realized that she does exactly the same thing in all of her relationships – with her husband, at work, and with her friends.

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