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‘After Earth’ Poster Shows Jaden Smith Facing The New World

The first official After Earth poster has been released. The new image for the film shows Jaden Smith and the background of the earth, circling the story which will be told in the film.

As Jaden’s character’s dad gets seriously hurt, the young man goes on a journey to find help in a world that has become really dangerous for humans to wander. The poster helps to highlight the dangers that awaits Jaden as he looks to what may be trouble for him in the movie.

Directed by M. Night Shyamalan, After Earth, is based on humans who are forced to leave earth after a dramatic event. During their 1000 years of departure, wildlife took over, heavily populated the earth, and became the rulers of the land. After the dad (Will Smith) and son crash lands on this new dangerous earth, the father is dying in the cockpit, and Jaden’s character must trek across the scary land to find their rescue beacon in hopes of being discovered.

New After Earth poster below:

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