Rapper Nas Sued For $10 Million Over Promoter Kidnapping

Rapper Nas is being sued for $10 million after his concert promoter was kidnapped and tortured for 50 days in Angola simply because the rapper failed to show up a New Year’s Eve concert.

We’re hoping that Nas will still think “Life Is Good” after this fiasco, but he may be forced to fork up millions due to the psychological, physical, and financial damages that the promoter occurred after Nas took a $300,000 vacation.

Patrick Allocco filed the federal lawsuit Friday – about 10 months after he had already been freed from his Angolan captures – which claims that promoters in Angola kidnapped him because they wanted their money back from the rapper.

Allocco was kidnapped in December of 2011 and wasn’t released until February of 2012.

To make matters worse, Allocoo also claims that the Angolan promoters and their “henchman” didn’t just take him, but they took his son as well.

Nas may have just missed one night of a concert, but for the promoter it cost him his thousands and it could have cost him his life.

The kidnappers supposedly threatened to kill Patrick and his son while they were captive if they didn’t get their money back.

In addition to the physical abuse and emotional scars, disappearing for 50 days meant that Allocco wasn’t around to work or even pay bills at home. After he was freed he discovered that he had already lost his business and his home.

Rapper Nas, on the other hand, doesn’t think he is at fault for the mishap because the Angolan promoters hadn’t arranged anything in time for the concert and the deal hadn’t been made official.

“The business wasn’t handled,” Nas said in an interview with MTV. “There was nothing sent to me, and there were no flights. By the time he did send money – he did eventually send money to me – it was too late to go. I didn’t even have a visa to get in the country.”

Nas also did send the $300,000 back after he wasn’t able to get on the flight to make the concert in time.

The kidnapped promoter, on the other hand, isn’t buying it because that same night Nas was spotted having a great time in Miami at a New Year’s Eve party at LeBron James’s house.


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