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'A Christmas Story' Star Files Lawsuit

The ultimate Christmas bully, Scut Farkus, from Warner Bros.’ 1983 A Christmas Story, has filed a lawsuit against the National Entertainment Collectables Association for using a picture of his face without his consent.

In November of 2010, Zack Ward, the actor who played Scut Farkus, attended the annual Christmas Story fundrasier in Clevland, Ohio.  A fan approached Ward, showing him A Christmas Story board game with a picture of himself as Scut Farkus on the outside of the box. Ward also discovered there was a calendar too, which he also did not give permission for the use of his picture.

In the lawsuit against NECA, Ward explained to the judge, “I am sure the Court can imagine my feelings of humiliation and anger at the Defendants for having purposefully defrauded me.” Since the board game only grossed approximately $750,000 in sales, Ward will not be receiving the “one billion dollars” he apparently asked for in a sarcastic “Dr. Evil” voice.

Apparently Ward’s small roles in Transformers, CSI:NY and Drop Dead Diva aren’t paying the big bucks, which is why Ward is seeking millions in “emotional damages.”

Seriously, emotional damages for having your picture put on a kids board game that did not even generate a million dollars? I wish someone would put my picture on a box so I could sue and make an easy million or two.

What do you, the readers think? Do you agree with Ward for “feeling bullied” over this picture, or do you think it’s a ploy to make some extra money?

Anyway, A Christmas Story, fans don’t despair- Ward can’t sue TBS for their annual 24-hour broadcast of America’s favorite Christmas movie. Tune in to TBS starting at 8/7 c on Christmas Eve for the 24 hour marathon!


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