Rihanna to Replace L.A Reid As X-Factor Judge?

Rihanna is L.A. Reid’s choice to replace him for the next season of the X-Factor, but with her busy schedule already forcing her to finish Christmas shopping at the last minute it isn’t certain if RiRi can make time for such a big commitment.

L.A. Reid announced that he will not be joining Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato, and Brittney Spears behind the judges table again for the next season of the X-Factor but he has already decided who he would love to take his place.

“I think Rihanna should fill my spot, so that I have a reason to watch,” Reid said as he laughed.

No word out yet if Reid was trying to suggest that nobody has a reason to watch the show as it is now, but the ratings would suggest that it certainly isn’t performing as well as the producers would have hoped.

Even adding one of the famous Kardashians to the show wasn’t enough to turn the tables around, but having the “Diamonds” singer on the show would certainly bring forth some great results.

Only problem is, right now it doesn’t seem like a deal that Chris Brown’s ex would be interested in.

Her 2012 has been an incredible, but busy year for the 24-year-old Bajan beauty. From completely her 777 world tour to performing at the Victoria Secret fashion show she has barely found any time for herself.

In fact, her hectic schedule has even caused her to get caught in the last minute Christmas rush as she struggles to find the perfect present for her little brother.

RiRi was recently spotted back in her native Barbados where she was bombarded by tons of fans and paparazzi as she tried to finish her Christmas shopping.

The owners of several shops such as Seekers boutique and Tropicana Jewellers were just happy to have the celeb around to help raise some publicity for the businesses. In such a troubled economy, it was probably one of the best Christmas gifts the “Where Have You Been” singer could have given them.

She picked up a few things inside the shops, which caused her fans to do a little bit of shopping as well.

Unfortunately, in the midst of the holiday shopping chaos she still hasn’t figure out what to get her 16-year-old brother Rajad.

“I’ve not started, not a single thing yet,” the “We Found Love” singer admitted about her holiday shopping. “I’m so drenched in work for my new album Unapologetic… The most difficult is my little brother because he’s getting to an age where toys aren’t fun anymore. What shall I get my bro? Any 16 year olds, tweet me.”

As for her own Christmas wish list, the megastar wants to have a “a sold-out ‘Diamonds World Tour.’”

“That’s what I really, really want,” she said. “I want that so bad.”

Of course, after her busy year and Christmas shopping rush the R&B star was in need of some serious R&R.

After she escaped the mob in Barbados she headed over to her luxury villa where she showed off her flawless body in a stunning monokini.

The revealing monokini was cut low enough to show off the tattoo across her ribs that she got in memory of her grandmother.

While rumors suggested that Rihanna was actually vacationing with her former lover Chris Brown, she passed up on stealing Karrueche’s man and decided to just spend some quality time with her best friend.

The two ladies snapped plenty of pictures in their chic bathing suits as the soaked up some sun.

It doesn’t seem like the young songstress will want to be bothered with any business deals for now, but only time will tell if she will make room in her schedule to help mentor other aspiring singers to follow in her footsteps.


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