Thandie Newton’s DirecTV Series, ‘Rogue’, Tantalizes with ‘Fairly Full-On Sex’

Thandie Newton has a new upcoming cop drama series titled Rogue, which will debut on DirecTV in 2013. The series stars the actress as an undercover cop, who goes toe to toe with a dangerous gangster, after her only son is killed in a drive-by shooting.

While being interviewed by Canadian paper, The Province, the series’s creator Matthew Parkhill, discussed the film’s content. Mentioning that since Rogue would be broadcast on DirecTV, as rival competitors to HBO and Showtime, the show would have to contain a bunch of nudity and plenty of violence. Which probably isn’t a bad idea for a targeted audience.

“This is a very dark show,” Parkhill says. “You’ve got fairly full-on sex, fairly full-on violence. Those are things you can do in that world of American cable shows that you can’t really do on the BBC.”

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