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Red Band Trailer for 'The Heat'

A new, NSFW-ish trailer (You’ll be good at work or school as long as you have headphones) has come online for The Heat, the female buddy cop comedy starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy. Bullock plays the straight-laced, Danny Glover-type partner, while McCarthy plays the wild, Mel Gibson-type one. They team up to take down drugs or something.

This new trailer isn’t extraordinarily different from the old one. Mostly it just has more swears, although it also introduces a few new gags that I feel would have been killer to experience when watching the first time. But now, well, we know them. In fact, this seems to be one of those “reveal basically the entire plot of the movie” trailers. But I trust Paul Feig (dude directed Bridesmaids), I trust McCarthy, I trust writer Katie Dippold – heck, I even trust Bullock.

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