Hosni Mubarak Admitted to Military Hospital After Fall

Former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak was admitted to a Cairo military hospital for treatment on Wednesday, after injuring himself in prison last Friday. The imprisoned 84-year-old slipped and injured his head and chest according to the Associated Press. Early rumors on Wednesday went so far as to report Mubarak as dead, a claim that was denied by Egyptian officials. Mubarak was sentenced to life in prison for the killing of protestors early last year.

According to the BBC, Deputy interior Gen Mohammed Ibrahim confirmed Mubarak’s return to prison after undergoing x-rays at Maadi Military Hospital. Early into his sentence, Mubarak reportedly suffered a stroke and was again transferred to a military hospital for a month of treatment. Mubarak’s family has petitioned to have the leader kept in the hospital due to poor conditions in prison.

Found responsible for the death of almost 900 people in the protests that lead to his ousting, Mubarak is currently held in Cairo’s Tora prison and is the first Arab president to receive a prison sentence.

Muburak’s medical state has been subject to speculation even before he was removed from power in 2011. Supporters of his fallen regime have characterized his health as failing, in order to gain leniency for their former leader in court.

Following an Egyptian request to block the assets of 130 Muburak followers, Spanish authorities claimed that they had seized nearly $35 million in assets that were linked to Muburak earlier this month.

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