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T.I., The Troubled Man, Releases: ‘Trouble Man: Heavy is the Head’

T.I., Atlanta’s self-proclaimed, and not widely disputed, “King of the South” released his 8th studio album this morning. The appropriately named Trouble Man: Heavy is the Head is a star-filled (R. Kelly, Meek Mill, A$AP Rocky, 3 Stacks, etc…) effort that Tip is so pleased with that he is allowing fans to stream the whole album for free prior to making a purchase decision. Must be the holiday season.

Folks in the A know Clifford Harris, offstage and out of the spotlight, to be a generous brother who often gives away turkeys during the holidays for the less fortunate and hungry. Trouble Man, which borrows its title and samples from the now classic Marvin Gaye 1972 film soundtrack of the same name (released 40 years ago in Dec., almost to the date!), is no turkey, but it should bring some holiday cheer to the ghetto just the same.

One note to Tip: Leave them guns alone and you’ll be a less troubled man! Case in point, the album art for Trouble Man: Heavy is the Head is a wonderful Blaxploitation cinema throwback illustration, but the gun imagery is unfortunately timed given the still fresh scent of blood and gun powder from the tragic Connecticut school shootings. He should take another clue from Marvin and know he’s gotta give ’em up!

Tracklist: T.I. – Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head

1. The Introduction
2. G Season f. Meek Mill
3. Trap Back Jumpin’
4. Wildside f. A$AP Rocky
5. Ball f. Lil Wayne
6. Sorry f. André 3000
7. Can You Learn f. R. Kelly
8. Go Get It
9. Guns and Roses f. Pink
10. The Way We Ride
11. Cruisin’
12. Addresses
13. Hello f. Cee-Lo Green
14. Who Want Some
15. Wonderful Life f. Akon
16. Hallelujah


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