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Samuel L. Jackson Argues With Anne Hathaway In Epic "Sad Off"

Samuel L. Jackson and Anne Hathaway recently came together to combine their star power to promote their respective movies Django Unchained and Les Miserables.  Funny or Die has brought the pair together for the sake of the holidays season to remind us what this time of year is all about, but something goes terribly wrong.

The two break out into an epic Christmas “Sad Off” argument.

Hathaway waste no time inciting the confrontation declaring that her film is “literally called the miserable.” Subsequently, Jackson gave her a scolding look. Hathaway quickly steps back saying, “Ok, I guess your movie is kinda dark too. Interesting choice of word.” Jackson replied.

These two are obviously biased about their movies and audiences won’t know which movie is the saddest until both films come out on Christmas day. In the meantime, watch Jackson and Hathaway hash it out in the video below to see who won this “Sad Off.”



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