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London Fletcher’s Relatives Involved in Postgame Altercation Sunday

Washington Redskins linebacker London Fletcher helped his team to a 38-21 victory over the Cleveland Browns Sunday, but was unable to help his relatives who were involved in a postgame altercation with Browns fans after the game.

According to NewsChannel5 in Cleveland, Fletcher’s family and Browns fans were involved in a fight following the game, which consequently landed three of his family members behind bars and caused his aunt to suffer a heart attack.

Once Fletcher’s family proceeded to exit the game they were attacked by fans and Fletcher’s aunt, 57-year-old Evette Robinson, reportedly suffered a heart attack during the fight and was rushed to MetroHealth Medical Center. Her condition at the time was unknown.

Keair Hall, Fletcher’s sister, told the news station that Cleveland police Tasered one of his cousins while he was trying to leave and five more officers joined in and started beating him once he was on the ground. She also said that one of the security officers grabbed her cousin and started beating him for standing in a chair.

Hasaan Robinson and Douglas Robinson, Fletcher’s two cousins, were arrested along with his 18-year-old nephew by Tenable Security officers.

Nita Ashford, a relative of Fletcher, told NewsChannel5 that they were being harassed by Browns fans during the game, which led to the attack after game.

“While the game was going on, first the fans were picking at us,” Fletcher’s aunt, Yvette Huston, told NewsChannel5. “We were getting things thrown on us. One of my nephews got punched in the face.”

Hall said that the security company used excessive force and choked her aunt, which contributed to her attack.

Fletcher spoke about the incident to Steve Wyche of the NFL Network Monday morning.

“It’s my understanding that from the moment they got out of their car, they were harassed by Browns fans and things like that, even all the way into the stadium,” Fletcher said. “I had a 13-year-old cousin who was hit in the face prior to the game. This was going into the game, I guess, in the tailgate area. A lot of harassment that took place prior to the game and during the course of the game.”

The Browns reportedly were referring all questions to the police and Tenable Security, but the security company told NewsChannel5 that they would not have a comment until Monday.

Fletcher is a 15-year veteran and native of Cleveland. He went to Villa Angela St. Joseph High School in Cleveland and was a star linebacker at John Carroll. The three-time Pro Bowler is in his sixth season with the Redskins.

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