Hot Trailer: 'Pacific Rim' Ends the Apocalypse

Last night, the heavily anticipated trailer for Pacific Rim debuted on iTunes, making it the first real evidence of the film’s existence other than a teaser and few scrappy images. After watching the two and a half minute clip, it is safe to say it’s been well worth the wait.

Pacific Rim marks the first feature film for director Guillermo del Toro since Hellboy II: The Golden Army. And what a follow up it looks to be. Giant monsters, giant robots, fight scenes that span an entire city and beautifully honed CGI all seem to characterize this movie centered on an impending apocalypse.

Pacific Rim looks to revolve around the opening of an undersea portal which unleashes giant monsters from a far away universe. They’re known as “kaiju,” which is Japanese for “strange beat” and “giant monster.” The humans return in kind, building giant controllable robots called Jaegers.

“Today, we are canceling the apocalypse!” shouts Idris Elba‘s character during the trailer’s peak. Pacific Rim seems to beautifully imitate the Japanese “kaiju” films of old, which primarily feature the unmistakable Godzilla battling giant robots, giant moths, and even King Kong. Guillermo del Toro, however, seems to have utilized the instruments available to him (see: CGI) to create something in its own class.

Along with Idris Elba, Rinko Kikuchi, Charlie Day and longtime collaborator Ron Perlman are set to star in Pacific Rim. However, something tells me — call it intuition — that this film isn’t going to be performance based. Something also tells me that won’t stop it from being completely awesome. Enjoy the trailer below.

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