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Arrested Development Gets Bigger And Better

Much to the delight of its cult fan following, Arrest Development will air new episodes next March on Netflix instant watch. Initially, the show was going to air just ten episodes, however showrunner Mitch Hurwitz has decided to extend the run to a rumored twelve or fifteen glorious episodes of Bluth family antics. There was simply too much content to pack into a mere ten episodes.

Hurwitz has asked to halt current production so he can review the current footage and decide where to place the new story arcs. Unfortunately, the actors had only prepped for ten episodes, so production might be tricky to accommodate due to prior scheduling conflicts. Per, filming may resume late in January. As of now, the addition of new episodes shouldn’t affect the March premiere date.

Arrested Development is one of Netflix’s brilliant new show strategies. Back in October, we told you about Netflix’s new original series House of Cards to air in February. While Arrested Development isn’t an original series, Netflix will be the only place to see the newest season and will sure to bring in the viewers, both old and new.

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