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'The Lone Ranger' Releases New Full-Length Trailer

A full trailer has hit the net featuring Johnny Depp speaking oddly, giving wide-eyed looks to people, and causing all types of mischief and mayhem. No, we’re not talking about Pirates 5 (I think), we’re talking about a new trailer for The Lone Ranger.

Audiences were first presented with a tantalizing teaser trailer over the summer. It presents Depp and co-star Armie Hammer as Tonto and the The Lone Ranger, respectively, and seems to be full of grit and promise. This new trailer, while still full of promise,  seems to highlight the fact that we’re still watching a Gore Verbinksi directed, Jerry Bruckheimer produced Disney film.

In other words, this new trailer looks to be pushing the strange humor and quirkiness found in the Pirates films, but not to the point that it’s overbearing (thank God). While it does introduce a bit more CGI, it still seems to show enough action, wit, and beauty to sway audiences back towards the western genre.

The trailer also doesn’t even mention the outstanding supporting cast alongside Hammer and Depp. The Lone Ranger will also feature such talents as Tom Wilkinson, Barry Pepper, Helena Bonham-Carter and William Fichtner. The score was also done by Jack White, a contemporary musician with a keen ear for the old school who’s other work can be seen in Cold Mountain and Quantum of Solace.

In other words, it’s probably more important to consider what this new trailer for The Lone Ranger isn’t showing us rather than what it is presenting. The film will not hit theaters until next July, so we still have plenty of time to speculate, condemn, etc. I’d recommend hopping on board now, because it looks like The Lone Ranger still has plenty left to offer. Enjoy the trailer below.

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