Jamie Foxx Hosts SNL As Tyler Perry, Madea, Alex Cross

Jamie Foxx took over as the guest host of Saturday Night Live and apparently he brought along Tyler Perry, Madea, and Alex Cross for the ride.

SNL took a break for three weeks, but did their best to return back to the air with a strong show with big name celebs.

While most guest hosts seem intimidated by the responsibility of hosting the late night comedy sketch show, Jamie’s comedy background definitely came in handy.

The “Django Unchained” actor’s presence commanded attention the entire night as he took on several funny sketches – rather than the one or two small parts that most of the SNL hosts settle with.

Perhaps the most memorable sketch of the night was when the comedian turned actor played Tyler Perry in the movie trailer for one of Perry’s “upcoming films.”

Fan’s weren’t used to seeing Perry take on a serious action character without his Madea wig on, and it seems like the 44-year-old actor figured out the perfect solution – Tyler Perry Presents: Alex Cross 2 : Madea Special Ops.

The hilarious phony movie trailer features Jamie as Tyler as Alex Cross as Madea. That’s right all three in one sketch – talk about talent.

One side of Foxx is fully made up as Tyler Perry’s action character Alex Cross, while the other side of the gun slinging grandma that everyone loves. Even Cross’s mustache stops in the middle of his lip and continues on as a line of bright red lipstick instead. As for Madea’s large rim glasses? Even those simply stop at the bridge of Jamie’s nose leaving us all wondering how they even stayed in place the entire time.

The trailer starts by only showing one side of Jamie’s face as he sits up answering a call as Alex Cross, before the scene cuts to show Madea on the phone responding to the same call.

As confusing as it may seem at first, all questions are answered when the “Ray” actor confidently marches unto the crime scene as half Madea, half Alex Cross.

Throughout the trailer, Cross is constantly arguing with his “other half” Madea who eventually starts choking Alex before they tumble unto the floor – which hilariously translates as Jamie Foxx choking himself and flawlessly switching back and forth from one impression to the other.

The comedian/actor/singer was definitely one of the better hosts to take the SNL stage, although nobody has been able to steal the best host spot from Anne Hathaway, but while some sketches were hilarious others just seemed to fall flat.

A quiz show sketch called “Bitch, What’s The Answer?” relied on the audience finding it hilarious that Foxx was calling the contestants “bitch” over and over again. The concept wasn’t really all that funny to begin with and after the first two times you’re just waiting for the sketch to be over.

As for musical guests that night, Ne-Yo made his SNL debut and was sure not to disappoint.

His first performance was a high energy, dance filled number of his hit single “Let Me Love You,” which he has been promoting all over TV for the past few days. He also appeared on The Voice to sing the hit tune again along side contestant Amanda Brown – who was eliminated that same night.

After getting the crowed hyped up with the first performance, Ne-Yo then returned with a more relaxed acoustic performance of “She Is.”

It was the R&B crooner’s first time on the show, but after he flawlessly belted out two songs all while giving great performances it certainly won’t be his last.

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