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New 'Pain & Gain' Poster: Mark Wahlberg Looks A Little Chubby

Paramount Pictures has just released a new poster for the their upcoming, Michael Bay directed, Pain & Gain film.

The film stars a very jacked Dwayne Johnson and a pudgy looking Mark Wahlberg. Based on a true story, Pain & Gain follows a group of bodybuilders in Florida, who engages in a campaign of kidnapping, extortion and murder, which ultimately gets uncovered by a reporter from the Miami New Times.

The film also stars Anthony Mackie, Ed Harris, Rob Corddry, Tony Shalhoub, Bar Paly, Rebel Wilson, Ken Jeong and Yolanthe Cabau.

Pain & Gain hits movie screens nationwide April 26, 2013.

From the looks of the poster, Johnson looks the part of a criminal body builder, but Wahlberg definitely need some help. He looks like a workout imposter, who hang out by the water fountain at you local fitness club.

What do you think about this Pain & Gain poster? Did Mark Wahlberg do enough push-ups or should he have hit the gym a little harder?

New Pain and Gain Poster: Mark Wahlberg Looking Real Suspect

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0 thoughts on “New 'Pain & Gain' Poster: Mark Wahlberg Looks A Little Chubby

  1. BigRig says:

    lol yeah Mark’s muscles do look like a wash. He was getting to big too quick.

  2. eRICH says:

    Mark has never really been big. the rock couldn’t stand up in this picture because he is way taller than Mark. Mark is about 5′ 6″ to the rock’s 6′ 5″ body. Hollywood I tell you.

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