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Kendrick Lamar Sings Lady Gaga’s Praises

Kendrick Lamar has spoken of his admiration for Lady Gaga by describing her as a “beautiful person”.

Speaking to MTV, the rapper waxed lyrical about the pop star and also claimed that she has a “genius mind” following their collaboration on the track ‘Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe’, which Gaga leaked onto the internet last month.

Lamar, who also praised Gaga for being a “free spirit in the studio”, said: “It’s just great to be around people that inspire you from another genre, you know. In fact, it’s even bigger for her to respect hip-hop music the way she does, true hip-hop music, so much respect to her.”

A collaboration between the pair had been scheduled to appear on Lamar’s major debut LP ‘Good Kid, MAAD City’ but had to be shelved after Gaga was unable to submit her vocals before the album’s deadline. She responded by releasing ‘Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe’ online – a decision which garnered approval from Lamar.

“That was a surprise,” he previously told XXL. “I thought she was gonna hold that in the can. I was cool with it. It showed people we wasn’t playin’ with it; we was actually in the studio vibing out when we recorded. For her to put it out even undone, that says a lot. That says she’s confident not only about her work, but my work.”

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