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Cardinals’ Darnell Dockett To Appeal $200,000 Misconduct Fine

Darnell Dockett, the Arizona Cardinals’ defensive lineup who caused a firestorm by allegedly spitting at teammate Kerry Rhodes and disobeying the team’ defensive plan, will appeal a $200,000 fine he was assessed by the club.

“Thank God for the @nflpa that’s all I got to say… ‘I ain’t got no worries’,” Dockett tweeted on Friday.

Dockett and Rhodes argued about the team’s decision during Sunday’s 7-6 loss to the New York Jets to let the Jets score near the end of the game so they could get the ball back and try to tie the game. It is a common tactic — and was their only chance to win.

Rhodes denied that Dockett spit and Dockett apologized to Rhodes, according to ESPN.

The issue became moot when the Jets’ Shonn Greene purposely downed the ball at the Arizona 1 and ran out the clock.

Defensive coordinator Ray Horton told reporters Friday he was the one who suggested to coach Ken Whisenhunt that the Jets be allowed to score. Whisenhunt has declined to discuss the situation, calling it an internal matter.

Dockett said earlier this week he had apologized to Rhodes and the two had agreed to move on. But Dockett emphatically said he had never quit in a game and never would.

“It’s something that I don’t believe in, something that I didn’t understand,” Dockett said then. “It was frustrating at the time. At the end of the day, I am never, never going to lay down and quit. I’ve been playing football for over 20 years. I’ve given this organization, I’ve given Florida State, I’ve given my high school everything I’ve got. I love the game. I play with passion and I’ll never quit.”

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