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Jay-Z's Subway Ride With Ellen Grossman Gets Collective 'Aww'

Jay-Z’s subway ride is added to the increasing list of celebrities who venture onto the NYC subway. However, the Brooklyn born rapper and entrepreneur has a really cute story behind his subway ride.

Coinciding with the hip hop icon’s 43rd birthday, Jay-Z’s culture website Life+Times released a 24-minute documentary film via Youtube that follows the stars involvement in the creation of Brooklyn’s new Barclays Center. There is footage from the October concert series the star put on to celebrate the arena’s opening, and notably, the subway ride he took to one of the shows. On the trip, Jay-Z crossed paths with Ellen Grossman, an older artist, and struck up a conversation that was one of the short films highlights.

“Are you famous?” the Manhattan resident asked of the film star, to which he replied. “Yes. Not very famous, you don’t know me.”

“But I’ll get there some day,” he added.

Jay-Z was enroute to the eighth and final show, taking the R train to the Atlantic Avenue/Barclays Center stop. But while speaking to Grossman, he carried himself as just another humble passenger. When he explained the reason for his trip Grossman was shocked and impressed by his choice to take public transportation.

“I’m proud of you,” She told the part owner of the center. “Say your name again, just so I get it.”

“Jay. Jay Z,” he replied.

Proving that his mark in New York City expands beyond just hip hop and its fans, the pair shared a laugh when Ellen realized who he was. “Oh, you’re Jay-Z! I know about Jay-Z.”



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