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Chris Bosh Ex-Girlfriend Allison Mathis Loses in Child Support Case

Chris Bosh wins child support caseIs Miami Heat player Chris Bosh a deadbeat dad? It sure looks like it judging by the court battle his ex-girlfriend Allison Mathis is waging against him. However, Bosh won a major victory against her in the Texas courthouse. A judge ruled that the Florida based star can claim Texas residency. You might be wondering, “why is Texas residency a victory for Bosh in his child support battle?” If the Miami Heat star was found to be a resident of Florida (which for all intents and purposes, he is) he could see his monthly child support payments skyrocket from a mere $2,700 to almost $30,000. According to Texas law, he is paying what the courts deem necessary and no adjustments to the child support order are needed.

Mathis and Bosh were a couple while he played for the Toronto Raptors. According to reports, while they were together Bosh asked his ex to have his child, and she did so with the help of fertility treatments. Now the former couple is locked in a child support battle where the former lover claims the Miami Heat champion is failing to adequately financially support their daughter.

Listening to her side of the story may make anyone believe that Bosh is reacting unfairly to Allison, but not so fast. While she does receive only $2,700 per month in child support, the multimillionaire Bosh pays ALL daycare expense, medical and dental bills, and developmental and extracurricular activities for their three-year old daughter Trinity. In addition, the Miami Heat star has set up a college fund for his daughter. As perhaps the most stunning show of support for both his ex and their child, Bosh gave Mathis a lump sum of $250,000. At this time, there is no word on how Mathis used the quarter of a million dollar gift. Yet, she is claiming that since becoming recently laid off, she can no longer live on the $2,700 per month and she’s in danger of losing her home.

Chris Bosh and Ex Girlfriend fight child support caseSo, does child support go to support the child alone or the mother as well? That seems to be the question regarding this case between Bosh and Mathis. The Olympic champion has not only taken care of his financial duties, but he has made repeated requests to see his daughter as well. He attempted to get his ex to allow their daughter Trinity to accompany him to the most recent All-Star game. Mathis didn’t think that environment was suitable for her daughter and she didn’t think Trinity would be able to spend quality time with her father. Again, Bosh tried to get his former girlfriend to agree to let their daughter go with him to attend the Olympics this past summer. Again, she declined.

With the constant back and forth between this couple, aren’t they hurting their child more than helping themselves? Underhanded tricks by each party serves no purpose other than to prolong the fight and potentially harm their relationship individual relationship their child. Allison should be seeking employment and doing her best to live within her means. If Bosh sees that the mother of his child is really struggling, paying for a house outright might be the right thing to do. There are so many variables to this story that no one side is completely right or wrong. What’s your take on how this should play out between the pair? Should Bosh be ordered to pay more or should Mathis suck it up and make due with what she has?

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6 thoughts on “Chris Bosh Ex-Girlfriend Allison Mathis Loses in Child Support Case

  1. Ibiajulu Onyemaechi Adindu-Amurun says:

    – He gave her 2.700 a month?
    – He pays ALL daycare expense, medical and dental bills, and developmental and extracurricular activities for their three-year old daughter?
    – He gave her 250.000, and she`s still stuggeling with her house?
    What did she do with all that money?

  2. Jared Shea says:

    Another person feeling entitled and blowing all that is given to them. Over 3,000 dollars a month in support and expense payments and you may not make it.

  3. Kevin Barksdale says:

    Yeah, he definitely need to give her enough money to maintain her house. This is housing for his daughter. She lost her job. Give her a break. He had the baby with her. $10,000 a month is tip money for him. the bro is getting 17.5 million a year. Also I think she is right. The Olympics and the all star game aren't the environment to bring one's daughter. The sister is right in these cases. I kinda think his present wife may have a hand in this. Give it up bro, it's chump change. You don't want your little girl to be living in the hood. Keep the peace.

  4. Ibi Onyemaechi Adindu-Amurun says:

    just because he earns 17.5 a year doesnt mean he shouldt give a grown woman able to work part time 30K a month to raise a child. how about saving for retirement in 4-5 years, how about investment trust account. but no he should be giving her 30K a month??? to raise a child?? speaking of house… he gave her 25oK!!!! didnt you read???

  5. Mike Shearer says:

    I agree, she's like so many people these days in America that just want to lay on their butts and not go out and find a job…i know people who could live quite well on 2,700 a month and with a nice lump sum of 250,000…something isn't right with her…if i were Bosh i might consider bringing a Child Custody Case against her.

  6. If you really think about it, the two (Allison and Chris) must learn to get along and that it's not about them, but what's best for their child. That's the only thing they have in common. I'm sure if they remove the chips from their shoulders, they can probably sit down and have a decent conversation without lawyers. But if I was Chris, and being finacially well off, I would want what's best for my child. Especially if the mother couldn't afford it or even if she could! The best thing for them to do is sit down fresh and do not bring up the past. Talk about the interest of the child, then go from there. Once the other starts up you or me….get back on track, because it's about Trinity! The bottom line is…..the child needs everything you can think of. So to $250,000 ain't really much when it all comes down to it. Don't get me wrong, it was a nice gesture and to pay all daycare, medical, etc. That's great. But in the long run, if you have the resources, make sure your child is well taken care of. If that means you have to go through the childs mom….so be it. Don't hold back because you two cannot get along. The child is the one who suffers in the long run. Someone needs to say OK enough is enough and do the right thing!

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