Hot New Trailer: Miley Cyrus In 'So Undercover'

The trailer for Miley Cyrus’s latest movie (pre hair-cut, obviously) So Undercover has finally hit the web. The actress plays a street smart private eye named Molly, who is hired by the FBI to go undercover in a sorority. She undergoes a major makeover, similarly to Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality, to look the part, but her personality still doesn’t, like, cut it. She’s having a hard time fitting in with the stereotypical, pink loving, money grubbing sorority girls, but does her best to blend in.

Believe it or not, this movie doesn’t look terrible. It’s fun seeing Miley make fun of the silly sorority girl, and play a less stereotypical sappy rom-com role (for example: The Last Song). Maybe I just have a soft spot for her co-star Jeremy Piven and wish him the best in his post -Entourage acting career, or maybe this movie is really on to something.

Decide for yourself after Miley Cyrus, Jeremy Piven, Joshua Bowmen, and Alexis Knapp in the So Undercover trailer below!


[jwplayer mediaid=”24673″]

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