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New Details in Jovan Belcher, Kasandra Perkins Murder-Suicide

New details in the Jovan Belcher murder-suicide reveals the Kansas City Chiefs player kissed his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins after killing her and was out partying with another woman the day before the horrific killing occurred.

The story of the respectable young man firing nine bullets at his girlfriend and killing himself in front of his coach and general manager was traumatizing enough, but new details are painting an even more grim story.

The NFL star’s mother was in another room of the house when she heard the gunshots go off. She rushed into the master bedroom to find Kasandra in a pool of her own blood and her son kissing her on the forehead. The couple’s 3-month-old daughter lost her mother, and was only minutes away from becoming an orphan.

Cheryl Shepherd, Belcher’s mom also revealed that she heard her son screaming “You can’t talk to me like that” at Perkins earlier that morning but never would have imagined that the argument would end in a murder-suicide.

After kissing Kasandra and her daughter one last time, he got into his Bentley Continental GT which served as evidence for what really went down inside the home. The chrome gearshift was covered in blood and glass was scattered all over the dashboard.

Police also revealed that Kasandra had returned home late from a concert the night before the incident which enraged the NFL linebacker, however, Jovan may have been up to no good as well.

The young football star was reportedly out partying with another woman according to a law enforcement official who is very close to the case.

Throughout the night he was supposedly separated from the young woman and went to her apartment to meet up with her, but she wasn’t there. Instead neighbors had to let the intoxicated athlete sleep in their apartment and were instructed to wake him up in the morning for a team meeting that Saturday morning.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time that the 25-year-old became unusually enraged because of a woman.

Records indicate that during his college days at the University of Maine, Belcher was caught punching a window because he was upset over a girl.

Police responded to the scene and found the angry college student with cuts all over his hands.

Ironically the gridiron star had recently joined the Male Athletes Against Violence Initiative in which the men promised they would, “educate themselves on issues surrounding domestic violence, be positive role models and look honestly at my actions in regard to violence.”

Despite his past and the way he acted leading up to the murder-suicide, his friends and family still only knew him as a gentle giant.

“He was such a calm, laid back person – you would never think he would be capable of something like this,” said Brainne York, a friend of Belcher’s girlfriend. “There were never any signs that indicated any kind of violence was ever going on.”

“He’s not somebody that we’ve had an issue with in any regard,” said Chief’s owner Clark Hunt.

In fact, those who knew Belcher are so convinced that he couldn’t have ever done something like this that have blamed another suspect – brain trauma.

The recent murder-suicide marks the sixth NFL player to have killed himself in the last two years, and violent collisions and head injuries that come with football are likely to blame according to some experts.

Another friend came forward and revealed that Jovan did suffer from short term memory loss which occurred as a result of a November 18 game against the Bengals. Although it doesn’t really explain the sudden violence, it does reveal that Belcher has taken on quite a few hard hits and they have truly started to impact his health.

Alcohol is another suspect, unfortunately. Another source claimed that the linebacker drank “on a nightly basis” and other sources suggest that he had been drinking the night before he murdered the mother of his daughter.

Either way, the one thing most people seem to agree on is that he was a good man and there has to be some reason for the sudden snap and fatal violence.


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