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Nicki Minaj Demanding NY’s Hot 97 Stop Playing Her Music

Nicki Minaj has reportedly demanded that influential US radio station Hot 97 stop playing her music after a series of falling outs over her role as a rap or pop artist.

The ‘Pound The Alarm’ star has long been a feature of the urban station’s playlists, but after releasing singles such as ‘Starships’ in 2012, comments were made earlier in 2012 by DJ Pete Rosenberg about her new pop sound. Now, the station’s program director, ‘Ebro’, has revealed she has demanded the station stop playing her music completely after her recent album re-release Pink Friday Roman Reloaded The Re-Up flopped.

“I said, ‘Rosenberg ruined Nicki Minaj’s career’ – evidence suggests based on this Re-Up release, the things [Rosenberg] said about her being pop and selling out and making that pop music came back to haunt her,” said Ebro on the station, saying that the recent re-release was a failed attempt to reconnect with her hip-hop audience.

“Now, she puts six rap records on this album and it didn’t sell… I get the phone call, the international number pops up, I answer the call, it’s my friend Nicki Minaj, who then starts to proclaim how I’m fake. She used every woman’s stab she could – ‘I thought you were a man, you’re a cornball, I thought we were friends, you’re fake, everyone told me you were fake’

“I said, ‘Nicki, I’m helping you. I’m keeping you in the Hip Hop conversation. This Hip Hop thing’s a competition; you’re either ringing, or you’re not, and just like I said yesterday, i love you, boo and I’ll dust you off and make sure this thing is popping off again.’ And she goes, ‘Don’t ever play my music again’… of course we are [still playing Nicki Minaj], I love Nicki Minaj.”

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