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Katt Williams Slaps Target Employee, Skips Comedy Show

Katt Wiliiams slaps target employeeKatt Williams’ meltdown continues as he slaps a Sacramento target employee before failing to show up for another one of his comedy shows.

It seems the pint sized comedian just can’t stay out of trouble during his comedy tour as he has had more run ins with the law than actual shows.

Katt always talked about slapping people in his comedy skits, but nobody thought the comedian/rapper would actually follow through with it.

Last Sunday, Williams was spotted in a Woodland Target after he had gotten kicked out of his Hyatt Regency hotel room in Sacramento.

Things started out just fine as he took pics with his fans who recognized the funny man right away. Before long, however, he was on his way to making headlines once again.

The 39-year-old slapped one of the employees while an onlooker recorded the entire thing.

The Katt Williams slap video is already becoming an internet sensation as well as a vital piece of evidence for police who are investigating the battery charges.

Katt Williams slaps Target employee, escapes on shopping cart According to police nobody is really sure what caused Katt to slap the employee, but after his string of crazy antics lately nobody is convinced that he really needed any particular reason.

As the victim got on the phone to call police, the person filming the incident follows the comedian with his camera as he hops on a buggy and scoots his way out of the store.

“Katt Williams is leaving,” the video taker says while still recording. “He’s leaving in a cart.”

The “Friday After Next” actor has shown no signs of getting himself together as now he has gone from walking out on shows early to simply not showing up at all.

He was scheduled to do another show at Seattle’s Paramount Theatre on November 29, but failed to show up. In his absence, several comedians tried to fill in time for the main act hoping that if they stalled long enough he would be there soon – but they were wrong.

Before John Witherspoon took the stage to entertain the crowd, an announcer promised that Katt was indeed in the building. An astonishing three hours later, however, the news was that he had actually been pulled over on his way to the theatre.

Katt Williams comedy tour turns to rampgage, slaps Target employee Other reports claim that the “Norbit” actor actually did make it to the show but was supposedly “too high” to perform.

To avoid yet another law suite against the self-proclaimed pimp, all audience members were given refunds.

During another earlier show in Oakland, the comedy star did make it to the stage, but left in only 10 minutes after having a “meltdown” on stage and threatening to fight several people in the audience. A class action lawsuit has been filed against him for his “non-performance.”

The antics didn’t stop there, however. Even after the lawsuit was filed against him, Katt took is wild antics to the streets.

In case you were wondering what happened after Williams rolled out of Target on a buggy, he hopped on what seems to be a motorized trike and led police on a high speed chase.

“He’s alleged to have been involved in a high-speed felonious pursuit (in Sacramento), but because of traffic and stuff like that they called it off,” said Woodland police Sgt. Steve Guthrie.

If the meltdowns ever come to an end, his string of headline grabbing behavior would surely be some comedic gold for his next show – if he decides to show up.

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  1. Okay – Katt Williams is crazy…Not only did he slap the Target employee, but it says that he escaped on a motorized buggy…Can someone please tell him to leave the drugs alone?

  2. Leath Hall-Woodard says:

    Maybe if he would stop drinking & pouring liquor all over himself he might me able to think clearly.. I was just at the Arco Arena for one of his shows and I was very disappointed how he treated the first woman he asked on stage and how he spent so much time insulting Steve Harvey and Tyler Perry..
    I used to love Katt that's why I excited about seeing him on stage however I am so over him! Get some help fast before its too late… Prayers going up for you to look within yourself and find strength to move forward.

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