Joe Jackson ‘Feeling OK’ After Mild Stroke

Joe Jackson’s stroke was only mild, but it was still enough to have him admitted to the hospital after having trouble standing and walking.

A spokesperson for the famous Jackson family came out to announce that the patriarch of the family suffered a stroke, but it seems like he is doing just fine.

According to the spokeswoman, Michael Jackson’s father called a friend to take him to a hospital in Las Vegas on Wednesday.

The 83-year-old famous Jackson father was reportedly walking through a park near his home when suddenly he felt extremely weak and was struggling just to stand up.

After being admitted to the hospital, Jackson appears to be doing just fine and is on track to be released from the hospital Friday.

“We was doing well and says he’s feeling OK,” said Brian Oxman, a close friend of the family.

Katherine, Joe’s wife, no longer lives with her husband but she is rushing to Las Vegas to be by her husband’s side.

The small strokes aren’t anything new to the Jackson 5 former manager however.

According to the family’s spokeswoman, the talent manager is been dealing with small strokes for quite some time now and has already experience two other mild strokes in the past.

Michael Jackson’s father made headlines earlier this year as well after showing off his gun at a Las Vegas event in October. Although it seems like he is indeed licenses to carry the weapon, the decision to show off the gun definitely didn’t help his image.

According to TMZ, Joe flashed the gun to the crowd letting them know that he never leaves home without it.

“If I hear you all giving my son drugs or doing anything illegal with my son… I’ma kill all of you,” the Jackson father said while still showing the gun.

Of course, with the way he treated his children while managing their careers, Michael’s dad never had much of a good reputation in the first place.


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