Rumor: Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Play Batman?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s name has been dropped to play Batman in Justice League, the next superhero flick requiring big budgets and even bigger names. The rumor, unconfirmed of course, comes from the prominent blog of Drew McWeeny, who used a bit of critical thinking along with unspecified sources to draw this somewhat wild conclusion.

“They’re a long way from filming anything Justice League related,” wrote McWeeny, “but they appear to be solidifying deals for Gordon-Levitt and, potentially, at least one other actor from the Nolan films to do… something.”

“They,” of course refers to Warner Bros., the studio responsible for putting the DC heroes together in (hopefully) the same fashion as The Avengers. The film will distantly and faithfully follow the release of Man of Steel, a Superman reboot which is not due out until next summer. Still, names are being mentioned and deals are attempting to come into fruition. McWeeny hopes Warner will throw in a Batman appearance at the end of Man of Steel and begin creating a storyline as soon as possible.

“So let’s take what we know and speculate a little bit.” he wrote. “How crazy do you think fans would go if Superman were to take to the skies at the end of Man Of Steel, finally ready to fully accept his role as mankind’s most powerful protector, only to have the closing credits interrupted when something catches his attention and he swoops down out of that sky, landing on a rooftop where Jim Gordon stands next to the Bat-Signal, interrupting just as the new Batman arrives for a chat about Gotham’s latest problem?”

A bit of credit can be thrown McWeeny’s way for this sort of speculation. After all, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character of John Blake in The Dark Knight Rises was eventually revealed to be Robin while Christian Bale‘s Bruce Wayne was either revealed to be dead or retiring. At this point, it’s safe to assume anything is possible. Perhaps Bale’s name is the one included along with Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s in McWeeny’s unnamed source. Perhaps there is no unnamed source and this is all malarky.

With a distant 2015 release date and still plenty of ground to cover in terms of storyline, Justice League still has a long way to go. Still, for whatever reason, it’s not too difficult to imagine Joseph Gordon-Levitt donning the cape and cowl before jumping into the Batmobile. What do you think? Let us know and we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

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