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Dwight Howard Custody Battle: Royce Reed Responds on Instagram

After the media caught wind of the Dwight Howard custody battle, Royce Reed took to Instagram to defend her decision to request her ex to pay her legal bills.

Over the weekend TMZ revealed that the former Basketball Wives reality star Royce Reed filed a motion requesting the courts to make her ex pay her legal bills.

Braylon’s mom explained that since her ex makes over $1 million every month, he can afford top notch lawyers while she can barely afford to pursue the case any longer.

Reed has already piled up over $40,000 in legal expenses and claims it’s her husbands turn to pay up. By the end of the custody battle she is expected to have incurred over $100,000 in legal debts.

Needless to say Howard doesn’t see why he should be paying her legal bills, and after the media began criticizing the motion the former reality star decided to speak up through a picture on Instagram.

“Mom Law: My son deserves the best & rather than take food out his mouth, the roof from over his head, an education, extracurricular activities, great Birthdays & Christmases, & the smile off his face, I WILL file necessary motions. Judge that if u live in a Glass House,” the text read over an image of colorful balloons floating through the sky.

Of course, nobody blames her for wanting her child to have nice things and a pleasant childhood but she seems to be further convincing us of the fact that she can’t provide these things for Braylon if she obtains sole custody of him.

At the same time, however, you can’t but wonder if the professional NBA star will have enough time to even spend with his son – and quality time with a child does outweigh how lavish their birthday parties are.

Either way, fingers crossed that Braylon’s parents can settle the two year long custody battle and simply work together to raise their son.


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