Chris Brown Feud With Comedian Jenny Johnson Spurs Death Threats

Chris Brown and comedic writer Jenny Johnson had a spat on Twitter that has resulted in Chris’s fans flooding Jenny’s timeline with death threats.

The feud started when Rihanna’s ex innocently enough tweeted about how old he looked compared to his real age. After reading the tweet the comedian quickly responded by telling the R&B star that “being a worthless piece of sh*t can really age a person.”

Needless to say the hot tempered “Don’t Wake Me Up” crooner didn’t take too well to the comment and an embarrassing Twitter war ensued.

Suddenly Brown wasn’t the only one involved in the spat, however, as Team Breezy stepped in by threatening to kill the comedian after Rihanna’s boo deleted his Twitter account.

“Super mad right now if I see that Jenny Johnson I’ll stab her to death,” @_Haineko_ posted on Monday.

Another Twitter user added some more detail by tweeting, “Stfu b***h honestly, I wanna sit on your face and stab 1235 needles in your eyeball, you son of a motherless goat.”

As awful as that tweet was, they only seemed to get worse from there.

Other users took it so far was to not only threaten to kill Johnson, but they also claimed they would rape her first.

Although it wasn’t right on Johnson’s part to instigate the whole matter, death threats are taking an immature spat to an entirely new level.

She even reached out to Twitter, asking them to take a look at some of the threats she had been receiving. Needless to say, users who want to use the platform to send these kinds of messages should be removed from the website immediately.

Team Breezy has a lot more celebs to get upset with, however, if they plan on going after everyone who doesn’t like the “Don’t Judge Me” singer.

Chelsea Handler referred to the singer turned rapper as a “moron” and even the ladies on “The View” didn’t seem to be too fond of his recent antics.

“I think it’s disgusting, first of all,” said The View co-host Elisabeth Hasselback on Monday. “But also, it seems like verbal rape to me. And I think at some point there’s gotta be a point where Twitter should ban anyone who writes anything forever on there and you should identify yourself.”

Although Whoopi Goldberg isn’t a member of Team Breezy, she didn’t see eye to eye with her co-host on this one.

“I don’t think that’s verbal rape,” she explained. “Both were verbally assaulting each other, and this is what we need to get rid of on Twitter, because it happens too often and too much to too many people.”

Whoopi went on to make another good point by warning anyone else who may want to speak up about Chris that if they do, they should expect for his fans to defend the tatted up performer by any means necessary.

Even when the 23-year-old physically assaulted his ex Rihanna back in 2009, his fans actually turned on the Bajan beauty before they condemned him for his actions.

The “Look at Me Now” singer’s fan base accused RiRi of giving him an STD while others found other reasons to suggest that she deserved the beating he got.

Several of his female fans even took to Twitter in hopes that Breezy would beat them up next.

“I’d let Chris Brown beat me up anytime 😉 #womanbeater,” one of his fans tweeted shortly after the attack.

Although the singer is probably enjoying his fans coming to his defense, back in May he did ask his fans not to threaten anyone’s life.

“Team Breezy! Lets stop sending death threats,” he tweeted after his fans were sending death threat’s to John Legend’s fiancé Chrissy Teigen. “I know y’all bout that life but it’s the wrong message! Ur turning haters into victims!”


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