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Fox To Make Biopic About Susan Boyle

Singing sensation and Britain’s Got Talent star Susan Boyle fame is about to go upward a few more notches. Fox Searchlight’s Lucas Webb, is currently planning to make a biopic based on the musician’s life.

Fox Searchlight has acquired the rights to Susan Boyle’s story along with the rights to the UK musical I Dreamed A Dream, which is based on her story. The company will combine the two to develop a filmed version of the musical. Webb says that his goal is to do “a sensitive and honest biopic infused with music.”

I Dreamed A Dream is produced by Michael Harrison and spans Boyle’s life from when she was young until her recent stay in a working class town in northern Scotland, where she learned how to deal with the onset of overnight stardom.

In 2009, Boyle catapulted in the spotlight during her appearance on “Britain’s Got Talent.” Her subsequent and first album became the best-selling UK debut of all time in that same year.

The biopic is still in its early stage with no writer, director or cast as of yet, but Webb says the project is “front and center.”

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