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Dwight Howard's Custody Battle: Royce Reed Wants $100K For Legal Fees

The Dwight Howard custody battle is heating up after his ex Royce Reed asked him to pay for her side of the legal battle because his wealth gave him an unfair advantage.

The former Basketball Wife is proof that reality television isn’t enough to pay all the bills, especially court expenses.

Dwight Howard has been fighting for custody of his son after he claimed Royce was making it nearly impossible for him to get to see his child. After giving him such a hard time, Reed still somehow believes her ex will hand over 100K to help pay for her legal expenses.

According to TMZ, after Reed was removed from Basketball Wives earlier this year she “filed docs in Florida asking a judge to make Dwight foot her legal bills, claiming she can’t afford them.”

We can see why. The former reality star had already gathered over $44,000 during the custody battle and the war for sole custody over her son Braylon is far from over. She is likely to incur another $60K on top of the money she has already spent.

The estimated total for her legal battle? $106,621.80.

The former cheerleader and dancer for professional basketball teams – which is how she met Braylon’s dad in the first place – claims that since Howard makes over $1 million each month he should be responsible for taking over her legal debts.

A court hasn’t decided on the notion yet, but it’s a pretty good chance that the former reality star will still have to pay her own bills. After all, if she really did have a case against Dwight, even an inexpensive lawyer would be able to prove that Braylon is better off in her care. The problem here, is that so far Royce hasn’t given a great reason that she should have sole custody over her son and complaining about finances in court certainly won’t do much to help her case either.

If she is going to call on her baby daddy to rescue her from all her financial woes, why not just let Braylon stay with his pops to begin with?

Asking her ex to pay her legal expenses was definitely a poor attempt to try to get the tables turned in her favor especially since the judge in the case is supposedly biased and doesn’t like women who have children out of wedlock.

It was back in March of this year when her baby daddy sued her for a whopping $500,000 after she violated a court order that required her to keep the NBA star’s name out of the media and not to place an unnecessary spotlight on their child – especially when it came to taping for Basketball Wives.

Needless to say she had a mouthful to say about her ex and put it all over Twitter. Shortly after she tweeted photos of little Braylon laying down with her new man in bed which upset the 26-year-old basketball star enough to freeze her accounts and take her car away.

After all this went down and the custody battle ensued, Braylon’s mommy was convinced that the judge had something against her.

“I am afraid if Judge Shea continues to preside over this case, I will lose custody of my son,” the former Orlando Magic dancer said as she filed the request for a new judge.

To make matters worse, she even brought up the fact that her ex’s lawyer, Mayanne Downs, is publicly listed as one of Judge Tim Shea’s endorsers on his website which she claimed would make him rule in favor of Downs no matter what.

As we saw later in the year with Usher and Tameka’s custody battle, these strategies rarely ever work and the turn out of the case will likely be the same whether the judge on the other side of the bench is the NBA star’s biggest fan or worst enemy.

When it comes down to the evidence – that Reed apparently can’t afford to get a hold of – there isn’t much proof pointing to Howard as a bad father.

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