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Halle Berry, Olivier Martinez, Gabriel Aubry Fight Aftermath

The Halle Berry fight happened on Thursday, but when Friday rolled around Halle, Olivier and Nahla went on with business as usual while Gabriel went out of his way to stay “under cover.”

Although Halle did a good job by rushing daughter Nahla into the house when her ex and her fiancé began fighting, any 4-year-old girl can still figure out something is wrong when the police show up and take her daddy to the hospital.

The good news is, she had a fun day Friday that may be able to distract her from all the commotion that just unfolded between her soon to be step-father and her biological father.

Berry took Nahla to the theater to go see Yo Gabba Gabba live in Downtown L.A, but they had to be escorted by four police motorcycles and a bodyguard.

Despite the fight aftermath, Halle looked calm and collected as she carried her adorable little girl into the theater for the kid friendly show.

While her mother wore her usual boyfriend jeans and flip flops paired with a black top, Nahla looked like a princess in a cute pink polka dot dress as she listened to her favorite songs through her pink headphones.

Several other celeb parents brought their tykes to the show as well including Nicole Richie and her husband Joel Madden who brought along their kids Harlow and Sparrow.

Alyssa Milano and husband David Bugliari took their son Milo to the show, but these parents were much more appropriately dressed than any of the other celeb parents. Both mom and dad wore their best Yo Gabba Gabba character hats while their son seemed to be busy trying to kick his shoes off.

Nahla and her mom had a fun filled day at the theater, but Olivier Martinez decided to opt out of this family outing.

Nahla’s future step-dad wasn’t anywhere to be seen at the theater, but he did make an early morning stop by the liquor store in a half-hearted disguise.

The 46-year-old French film actor wore a baseball cap pulled relatively low – perhaps trying his best to stay under cover although it clearly didn’t work every well – along with a simple sweater vest and his usual jeans.

Martinez was the clear winner of the fight, but still has to deal with a swollen hand (just a testament to how hard he apparently punched Aubry after he dared to push him outside Berry’s home).

When photogs snapped pictures of him at Gil Turner’s Fine Wine & Spirits in L.A he didn’t really pay them any mind and did his best to keep his head tilted down, allowing the baseball cap to block more of his face.

Of course, this seems to be quite the testament to his character because any other man would probably be ready to cash in on his bragging rights after sending his fiancee’s ex to the hospital with broken ribs.

Gabriel Aubry, the instigator of the fight, had a much more interesting day – but that isn’t necessarily a good thing.

After being released from the hospital, Aubry was taken into custody for pushing the “Unfaithful” star before throwing a punch at him.

On Thursday, the French-Canadian model paid bail and was released from jail, but didn’t want anyone to get a glimpse of him after losing the brawl.

Once he made it to the car, Nahla’s dad immediately took cover under a blanket that was waiting for him in the backseat.

The 37-year-old, who was charged with battery, was likely trying to hide the multiple bruises on his face that caused him to be taken to the hospital in the first place.

Tension between the love rivals has only been brewing ever since Gabriel Aubry refused to let his ex take his daughter to France. Since then, a court ruled in Aubry’s favor and has forbid the “Cloud Atlas” star from moving to France with her daughter.

Of course, the courts aren’t exactly on his side anymore and have issued a protective order against him. Nahla may be staying inside American borders, but her father isn’t allowed to come within 100 yards of her, her mother, or Halle’s fiancé.

It was definitely an interesting Thanksgiving day for all parties involved, but it seems like the day after has already been a large step towards getting things back to normal on Halle and Olivier’s part.

As for Gabriel on the other hand? We’re sure he’s just going to lay low for a while, at least until his face clears up.

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