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'Friday UK': Why Is There An African Version Of Ice Cube's 'Friday'? (Very Funny)

As talks begin for a possible fourth movie for Ice Cube’s franchise Friday, some Africans/Brits took the time to pay tribute to the original Friday by releasing a trailer for Friday, the UK version.

The video comes from Youtuber Sebastian Thiel, as an Upshot TV Production.

After watching Friday UK trailer, the last thing you may hope is for this not to be made into a film. Even though the disclaimer before the videos says “there will be no feature film of Friday UK.” Who’s to say that if this video go super viral that somebody won’t through money their way to fund this debacle.

The video already has almost 40,000 plays on Youtube since it was posted two weeks ago.

Apparently, there are more clips to this to this spoof, and in order to get those clips, Thiel announced that this trailer would have to reach 1 million views.

The thing is, Friday UK doesn’t even seem like a spoof. It’s more like a bad imitation of the original Friday’s characters and classic moments of the film.

Don’t take my word for it, watch Friday UK for yourself in the video below:

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