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Teen Boy Charged in Fatally Shooting of Girl on School Bus

A boy in Homestead, Florida was arrested on Tuesday after he fatally shot a girl on a school bus. Jordyn Alexander, 15, was charged with carrying a concealed weapon and with the manslaughter of Lourdes Guzman-DeJesus, 13.

At a hearing on Wednesday morning, a judge ruled Howe will remain at the Miami-Dade juvenile assessment center until his court date on December 11.

The fatal shooting occurred around 7:00 a.m. Tuesday morning, approximately seven minutes away from Palm Glades Preparatory Academy. Reportedly, the shooting was accidental, as Howe brought the gun on the bus to show off to his classmates.

According to arrest documents, Howe pulled the gun from his backpack and it discharged once, hitting Guzman-DeJesus in the neck. The incident occurred in front of at least 8 other children on the bus, including Guzman-DeJesus’s 7-year-old sister. None of the other children were hurt or injured.

Guzman-DeJesus was hastily transported to Miami Children’s Hospital, but did not survive. Meanwhile, police blocked off the area at 296 Street and 137 Avenue, and they conducted interviews with the students on the bus who witnessed the fatal shooting.

Unfortunately, the bus was not equipped with surveillance cameras.

Miami-Dade Detective Roy Rutland spoke to local media, commenting that: “Obviously based…on the investigation and the evidence and based on interviews we conducted with him, it does appear to be an accident. I can assure you there was a comprehensive interview done regarding that gun and its whereabouts and where it originated, and based on what we’re hearing it doesn’t appear that anyone else will be charged at this time.”

The school did not make an announcement of the girl’s shooting or passing on Tuesday, but word had spread by the end of the day.

“She was a good girl,” said thirteen-year-old classmate Eric Carillo, “She was fun.”

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