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‘The Black Line: A Profile of the African-American Woman’ – Video

Here’s your first first look at acclaimed documentary filmmaker D. Channsin Berry’s The Black Line: A Profile of the African-American Woman.

The 75-minute documentary features a broad spectrum of other African American women (67 women from all over the country), who provide unique insight into their thoughts, practices, and feelings, revealing a consistent thread of shared truths and experiences that transcend socio-economics, cross regions, religions, sexualities, and professions – a journey of exploration and discovery of the history and future of African Americans as a people through the experiences of African-American women, utilizing the various institutions of marriage, mothering, racism, careers, education, religion, and sex.

“I just happen to be a man who cares about our people in such a way that I can tell a story without my Black manhood getting in the way of listening to African American women as they tell their stories,” says D. Channsin Berry.

You’ll recall Berry also co-produced and directed the conversation started known as Dark Girls.

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