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Holistic Ways of Managing Holiday Stress

Many of us live from day to day, not thinking about our health or body until it begins to ache, a joint twinges, or a headache starts. Then we try to fix the problem. But, wellness is cumulative. In our view, wellness requires a holistic, or whole person approach to everyday health.

For example, stress is one of the most harmful issues our bodies have to deal with in the modern world. Stress has been shown to affect our cardiovascular, immune, and endocrine systems, and increases our risk for heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, and the common cold.

But, what can you do about it, right? Wrong! There is a lot you can do to help neutralize stress before it takes root in the body.

It’s holiday season after all. This time of year can be really fun and exciting, but even happy occasions can bring unwanted or unexpected stress, too. Plus, there are lots of seasonal germs on the loose. So, take control of your stress now, and enjoy the holidays season!

Feeling like we are in control reduces stress in our lives. Start small. Make a point to do one simple, satisfying thing for yourself every day. It can be a short walk, making a fresh mug of herbal tea, or even taking an aromatic bath.

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