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How to Survive the Holidays Without Gaining Too Much Weight

It may be the most wonderful time of the year—but it’s not always so kind to your waistline. With all the office parties, family dinners and social functions, it seems impossible to not gain weight over the holidays.

For many, holiday weight gain int the one “gift” they really want to return after the season is over.

The goal is to get through the eating season without gaining an ounce. Then, when all the temptations are gone come January 1, losing weight will be a cinch.

To help, try these seven tricks that dietitians do themselves to keep on track during the holiday season. Some of these dietitians have devised ways to lose weight during the most tempting time of the year. Here’s how:

1. Nix or Limit Alcohol

Here’s my best tip: It’s hard not to drink when everyone else is, but alcohol ups your appetite, makes food seem more appealing and decreases your resolve to eat well. Not to mention the empty calories in alcohol: A regular beer has 150 calories; light beer, 100; a glass of wine, 120; a shot of alcohol, 100. A spiked eggnog, 300 calories and most cocktails are 250-300 calories. If not drinking makes you feel like a party pooper, go for calorie-poor options like a half-shot of distilled spirits mixed with a calorie-free beverage or a wine spritzer.

2. BYOD = Bring Your Own Dish

Another trick of mine: When I’m going to a holiday dinner, I always bring a healthy dish to share. Most people will bring a bottle of wine or desserts, but I often show up with a veggie crudité and a trio of healthy dips, a lighter cranberry sauce or large fresh fruit salad topped with mint leaves. You may be surprised: your healthier dish may make you the MVP of the party…

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