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Study Reveals How Men and Women Break Up Relationships Differently, for Different Reasons

Breaking up with someone is tough, but sometimes it is a must. So how do people go about telling their partners they are dumped?

Apparently, the answer depends on whether you’re a man or woman, according to a new poll that reveals the differences in how and why each gender calls quits to a love affair.

For example, compared to men, women are far more concerned about breaking up with a man gently, usually softening the blow with emotional reasons for the split, according to the survey conducted by dating site

The survey, which involved 1,000 men and women, asked members of the dating site why and how they would dump a partner.

Surprisingly, going against the stereotype of the commitment-phobe male, the most popular line used by when breaking up with someone is: “I’m not ready for commitment yet.”

The second most used line by women is: “This is going too fast for me.” Interestingly money is a lot more important to women than men with the third most used break up line being: ” You don’t earn enough money.”

Not surprisingly, for men bad sex and lack of physical compatibility is far more important than it was for women as to why a relationship has failed with the third most used line being: “I’m not attracted to you anymore.” And the fourth being: “We’ve lost that sexual spark.”

While both sexes prefer to end a relationship face-to-face or on the phone, an increasing number of people are calling it quits over email.

A little more than half of women at 52 percent would meet a partner to end a relationship and less than half of men at 43 percent are willing the do the same.

Appallingly, 5 percent of women and 6 percent of men would break up over text and 4 percent of both men and women would get their friends to do the dirty work for them.

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