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7 Super Foods That Might Help Build Your Immune System

Can specific foods really help improve the immune system, or prevent you from getting sick?

I’m not sold on the notion, but an overall healthy diet and a good hand washing routine is your best bet.

However, there are a few key foods that are “super foods” for the immune system. If anything might help, it is these key foods.

Top 7 Immune Boosting Foods

Organic over conventional foods?
There is new research that suggests organic foods may produce more bacterial fighting power. However, this is just one study. But, once again it shows that organic foods may have an advantage over conventional.

I have talked about this potent probiotic yogurt drink before, and swear by its ability to ward off the common cold. The live active healthy bacteria (probiotics) help to populate the intestinal tract to overpower the “bad” bacteria.

This cherry, native to South America, is one of the highest sources of vitamin C in the world. An added bonus is that the antioxidant level is higher than blueberries! You can commonly find the acerola cherry in juice form. 1 cup provides 6454% of your daily value for vitamin C!

Red and Yellow Peppers
These are the next highest source of vitamin C. I should mention that vitamin C is not a cure-all for the common cold or other sickness. Research is still uncertain as to how much vitamin C helps with various conditions. However, research shows the most promising results of eating food-based vitamin C along with other nutrients.

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