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‘AeroSoul 3: From Khemet to Aztlan’ Celebrates Urban Heiroglyphics

The AeroSoul 3: From Khemet 2 Aztlan exhibition at San Francisco’s African American Art and Culture Complex features a body of work accentuating the African presence in art from ancient Africa to the early African presence in the western hemisphere through the style lens of Hip Hop, calligraphy and iconography.

The collection of work and artifacts represents some of the world’s most skilled muralists and illustrators in the African Diaspora. Aerosoul 3 will chart the historic evolution of the spray can writing culture from its East Coast (New York City/Philadelphia) origins to its style successors worldwide through the narrative of the African experience. Artists from across the United States, Europe and West Africa will converge for this annual festival to celebrate the African Legacy in the spray can writing culture as well as joining together to paint a mural in the tradition of the Hip Hop genre.

Source: AAACC


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