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Keeping Others Out of Your Relationship is Key to Keeping Your Relationship

Have you ever noticed that the relationships you know the least about are always the ones that seem to be the best? Of course they are, because you don’t know the details of their every move…which is not always a bad thing.

No matter how hard we try not to gossip or speak negativity into someone’s relationship, unfortunately the more we know about it the harder that is. An old friend of mine used to always say, “The key to a successful relationship other than communication is to keep everyone else out of it!” Needless to say I now understand that completely.

I would be the one to vent within that first 5 minutes of anger. As soon as something would happen boom! I was burning my contact list up from A to Z and thought it made me look good….NOT!! In turn it only made me look like I couldn’t maintain my own relationship, made it look like there were more bad times than good times and the worst of them all is it made my significant other look bad.
This is one thing you never want to do. After a while your vent containers began to view your mate as the worst person in the world and they start to judge them based on your “vent sessions” alone. Not good, because after you two make up guess what, they still have that vivid picture of your vent session while you’re on cloud nine back in love.

So to avoid situations as such, I’ve learned over time to pick my vent sessions wisely as well as my vent containers. Now I know some of you may be saying, “Well no, not my friends, they wouldn’t do anything like that!” I know we all want to see the good in people but let’s step into the reality of the situation; they may not be against you, it just may be that they’re having a general conversation and your relationship is the topic of discussion. Believe it or not some people no matter how much they seem like they’re for you, get some kind of secret thrill out of seeing your happiness destroyed. Yes it sucks but it is very true!

So here are a few simple yet very imperative tips that can help you to avoid those uninvited guests in your relationship:

1) Avoid updating the social network on your every relationship emotion! If your significant other makes you mad, do not update saying “I hate him so much right now because he did x, y and z.” Granted if you feel the need to release, write it down. That emotion is temporary, and when the two of you come to terms, you in the end look crazy for putting that out there!

2) When in the first 5-10 minutes of being hot pissed mad; hold off from calling all your friends in your phone book. Remember, within that first 5-10 minutes your brain is not functioning beyond being livid. Everything that comes out of your mouth will be negative and unless you are venting to one of your more positive friends, refrain! Because if you don’t, you’re giving them the authority to add fuel to the fire.

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