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The Coronado Islands: A World Away Off the Baja Coast of California

The warm Mexican sun kissed our shoulders, as we looked out into the horizon. A trail followed the boat as it skimmed the surface of the water, and white glass beads sprouted from the sides of the boat that cut the surface. The deep cerulean water hugging the islands in the near distance became lighter and lighter, now a beautiful, aqua-blue where the shapes of crystals and prisms danced underwater when the rays of the sun met with the forever swaying sea.

We were on the Coronado Islands, a group of small, uninhabited islets in Baja California, just 6 miles south of the US border into Mexico yet a world away. Fringed with cliffs and boulders, the islands are rugged and untouched, offering some of the best diving in North America. This area is best known for its wildlife: from sea lions to elephant seals and moray eels. On my recent trip to Baja California, I had the chance to swim with the sea lion and float by yellowtail fish and soak in the serenity of the islands.

On a gorgeous secluded beach, we let our hair down, snacked on ceviche and chips while drinking in the stunning view. It was hard to imagine that a place like this really exists in the world…

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