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Deja Vu: Lindsay Lohan to be Charged

Another day; another story on Lindsay Lohan’s legal woes. Reportedly, Lohan is to be charged with lying to the police after her June 2012 car accident. For all of you thinking, “you can’t be charged with lying;” you can and she is. The technical term is obstruction of justice. But, you can definitely be charged with a crime if you lie to the police. Especially if you are Lindsay Lohan.

This round of legal troubles began in June 2012 when Lohan crashed her car into an 18-wheeler truck. When interviewed by the police, the one-time Disney star (my how long ago that seems) reportedly told them that she was not driving her Porsche when the crash took place. However, several eye witnesses have come forward to dispute that. They allege that, indeed, Ms. Lohan was in the driver’s seat when the crash happened. Scandalous, right?

If you recall, Lindsay was on probation for two DUI arrests that date back more than four years ago. In the last five years, she has been in and out of jail (five times to be exact), completed multiple trips to rehab and, in 2011, was prosecuted in a jewelry theft case that ended in probation after 120 days in jail and 480 hours of community service for Lohan. Even though it’s been reported that the lying charge will be filed as a misdemeanor, the pint-sized actress may still face a stiff penalty when she goes before Judge Stephanie Sautner in this matter.

Perhaps Ms. Lohan lied about being behind the wheel because she was found with prescription pills on her person at the scene of the accident. However, her lawyer successfully proved that the pills for legitimately prescribed to Lohan. Whatever the case, by now the ginger starlet should have a full understanding of the legal system and should do everything in her power to avoid the courtroom. As it stands…it’s just another day and another story on Lindsay Lohan’s legal woes.

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