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'Boy Meets World'…Again?

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The new series would focus on Cory and Topanga’s daughter, however no further details have been released. It’s fair to guess that the show might be called Girl Meets World. It would be fun to have the character start in middle school and potentially grow up in front of America, just like Cory Matthews did. Since the title character would be a girl this go around, she’d be faced with an entirely different set of issues. Additionally, I think it would just be too perfect if her love interest happened to be Shawn’s son…Talk about Cory and Topanga 2.0.

There’s no news on whether or not Savage and Fishel will be back as Cory and Topanga, or if any of the original characters would be reprising their forme rBoy Meets World  roles. For the time being, Mr. Feeny or William Daniels can currently be seen on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy playing Dr. Craig Thomas . All fans can agree, it wouldn’t be Boy (or Girl) Meets World if Mr. Feeny wasn’t there as the perfect mentor.

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