Cher, Kathy Griffin Release Anti-Romney PSA

Cher and Kathy Griffin have joined forces for an Anti-Romney PSA, titled  “Don’t Let Mitt Turn Back Time on Women’s Rights.” In the PSA, the iconic diva and comedienne take jabs at a host of Republican leaders, namely GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

Alluding to Cher’s 1989 hit, Griffin argues, “Romney and his buddies are trying to turn back time on women’s rights.” The pair specifically criticizes Romney for his support of Richard Mourdock, the U.S. Senate candidate who suggested pregnancies resulting from rape were part of God’s plan.

Cher also denounces Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan, “that guy who looks like Dracula,” for distinguishing between “forcible” and “non-forcible” rape. The diva quips, “I didn’t know there was such a thing as non-forcible rape.”

The video directly addresses viewers in the swing states of Florida, Ohio and Wisconsin, as Obama supporters try to close the gaps in those areas before Tuesday’s election.

Along with the political commentary, the Anti-Romney PSA does offer comedienne Griffin prime opportunity to practice her Cher material, including a few snarky puns, most notably calling Republicans a bunch of “gypsies, tramps and thieves.”

The PSA was a partnership with, an organization that promotes truthful political discussion through humor. has previously produced other Anti-Romney PSAs featuring Sarah Silverman and Rosie Perez.

As Election Day approaches, celebrities are reiterating their support of President Obama. On Sunday Night, Obama’s YouTube channel released a short video of Will Ferrell urging voters to vote.

Ferrell, dressed in a smoking jacket, states “vote Obama, it’s a slam-dunk” after promising Americans he would do anything to make them vote—including giving them a free tattoo or making them dinner.

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