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Cee Lo's Accuser Reportedly Slipped Ecstasy in Sexual Assault

Cee Lo Green has been accused of sexual battery, and his accuser recently claimed that he slipped ecstasy into her drink.

The investigation is still ongoing, but Cee Lo has been making headlines over the bizarre accusations of sexual assault on a woman he supposedly took out on date.

When the rumors first started, The Voice judge immediately denied the allegations and even pointed out that he hadn’t been to the restaurant in question in over three months.

Cee Lo’s accuser responded by admitting that the incident happened several months ago, but police aren’t sure why she waited so long to bring the incident to their attention.

According to TMZ, the supposed victim has spiced up the story since then adding that the “Crazy” crooner actually slipped some ecstasy into her drink and the next think she knew she was naked in the singer’s bed.

Police had Cee Lo’s accuser call the 38-year-old R&B singer to see if he would admit to any wrong doings. The call was relatively uneventful other than the fact that Green was heard apologizing several times and supposedly did make a reference to ecstasy on the phone call.

Whether or not these details are true is still uncertain as the call has not been made available to the public, and the only real source for this information seems to be an article on TMZ.

There are some holes in the story, however, based on the fact that ecstasy hasn’t been known to render anyone unconscious.

Other sources pointed out that if the police really did hear the singer bring up anything about slipping ecstasy into his dates drink, the award winning singer would have been arrested already.

Things only got a little fishier when sources close to Green revealed that the accuser went to a civil lawyer before even reporting the incident to police and supposedly even promised the “Forget You” singer that she could make it all go away for a heft sum of money.

Needless to say, according to these sources the Georgia native refused to fork over any cash and that’s when things got ugly.

Other sources, however, tell a different story and report that Cee Lo’s accuser did in fact go to the police before contacting a lawyer and never made any offers to make the situation go away if she was paid off.

The investigation is obviously still under way and many of the details of what happened that night – if this night did ever occur – don’t seem to be confirmed as fact by anyone, not even the L.A. Country District Attorney’s Office.

Meanwhile, Cee Lo is still calling BS and remains busy by focusing on the many other tasks on his plate.

In addition to being a vocal coach on The Voice, Cee Lo is currently working on some new music and is rumored to be working on executive producing a new comedy for NBC. The comedy will loosely focus on his every day life, with a few exaggerations – because after all this is the hefty man who wears a towering red mohawk on national television and made a Twitter account for his cat.

If things go well, the “Fool for You” crooner will even be playing himself in the new comedy.

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