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A 'Locke & Key' Movie is Coming (Yay!), Written by Orci and Kurtzman (NO!)

Locke & Key, the story of a family that moves into an old Massachusetts mansion, only to find it to house all manner of supernatural oddity, is the best comic book series currently running. So when Fox greenlit a television pilot based on the comic, I was pretty excited. And then it didn’t get picked up, and I was sad. And then I read this Latino Review scoop that Universal is planning to develop the book as a movie trilogy, and I was… hesitant. Because on the one hand: movie. Great! But on the other hand: trilogy? That’s more putting horse before the cart studio nonsense. And then I read further down in that article, and discovered that Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, who produced the pilot, are onboard this one as well… as writers.

Look, I’m not saying that Orci and Kurtzman’s involvement is a guarantee of badness, but… well… they just haven’t ever written a good screenplay. Even the best movie they’ve written, Star Trek, was enjoyable in spite of their script. I’d like to think that the material in this case is so good that not even they can mess it up, but… well, this is still early in the development. Let’s see where it goes.

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